If you want to join ChoiceforChildren.....

For the year 2014 CfC is closed for new applicants at Primary and Secondary Level. Based on the budget the board and treasurer decided during the latest boardmeeting in April 201 there was no budget to admit new students.


Applicants in Primary and Secondary level can only apply for 2015.

How to apply....

 You can apply directly through our application form on this website.

You can also apply for children in Primary level.

You have to fill in the form and send all requested documents.

Your application must be complete.

You can send the application using email or print it and use regular mail. The adresses are in the form.


Before you apply you must download and read  the CfC Rules&Regulations.

If you apply you automatically will approve these Rules&Regulations!



Application form CfC 2014
Applicationform 2011CfC.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document 25.3 KB
CfC Rules&Regulations 2014
CfC rulesregulations2011.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document 52.9 KB